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  Private Lessons 

Q: What makes a music teacher great?

A: The right personality with the right tools.


At Mosaic Music, PERSONALITY is everything.  A Mosaic teacher is patient, kind, creative, and fun. We don't hire teachers with giant egos, or teachers who try to "scare" their students into learning. Our teachers are dedicated to teaching music as a career, not as a side job, and you will see immediately why each of our teachers is so loved by their students.


At Mosaic Music, we give our teachers the right TOOLS.  All of our studios have dedicated computers equipped with the latest music software, audio and video equipment capable of producing instant professional recordings, and a cloud-based archive of thousands of songs, scores and teaching materials unrivaled by almost any other studio.

Our classrooms are HUGE and our teachers are pre-screened.  All of our classrooms have viewing windows for your convenience.  In addition, our rooms are large enough for parents to attend class with their children. For extra peace of mind, all of our teachers have been pre-screened by LiveScan.

Our teachers can do TRICKS you wouldn't expect.  Nearly all studios are able to individualize their programs to each student's unique needs.  We take it one step further.  Our staff can compose any song you ask for just by listening to it.  And, they can adjust the level of that song to their student's current abilities.  Now that's amazing!

Our students are members of PSYO, OCYSO and Colburn. We've become very good at preparing our students for auditions, school seating exams and competitions. But, if you don't want to audition, go ahead and relax.  Every student gets to choose what they do and don't do with us.


Private Lessons:

30 min. weekly

45 min. weekly

60 min. weekly


Rates for our Director, Rhys Buchele, are available by request.


Schedule YOUR complimentary class

Call or Text: 714-579-3151

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