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Diamond in the Rough


Mosaic Music is one of the hidden gems of North Orange County.  Our director, Rhys Buchele, and his wife Carrie dreamed for years of creating a music studio where both teachers and students could be given an unprecedented amount of creative freedom.  Tucked away in an inconspicuous location, this amazing little studio is the result of those dreams and is truly a labor of love.

Teach meets Tech


One of the most important differences between Mosaic Music and the dozens of other studios in Southern California is in our intelligent use of technology. From our dedicated computers loaded with the latest music software to our professional microphones and cameras ready to produce instant studio quality recordings, to our cloud based archive of thousands of songs, scores, exercises and videos, Mosaic Music knows how to geek!

The Future Sounds Good


At Mosaic Music, we strive to keep ourselves fresh and current.  We change with the times and we listen to our customers!  Our teachers participate in the administrative process and regularly contribute new ideas for classes, teaching concepts, tech upgrades and everything in between. We love our jobs, and we think it shows in everything we do. Come in for a visit and find out what makes us one of Orange County's most beloved music schools.

 Rhys Buchele      

Director, CEO

Director’s Bio


Rhys Buchele has studied with dozens of the most advanced instructors in the world from Juilliard to USC.  He has also enjoyed an exciting performing career playing in orchestras and symphonies around the country, recording for large scale Hollywood films and documentaries, and producing an impressive list of recordings at Capitol Records and other major studios. His greatest love, however, has always been teaching. Rhys lives in Fullerton, CA with his amazing wife, Carrie where they homeschool their two children and look after a small "farm" of cats, dogs, rats, mice, chickens, turkeys, quail, rabbits, geckos and stick bugs.

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