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Q: What makes our online program work so well?

A: The right people using the right format.


1) "Live" lessons DON'T work. Live lessons (where the instructor and the student meet at the same time online) seem like a good idea. You can chat with your instructor, and your instructor can react to the things you're doing in real time.


Unfortunately, because of the slight time delay or "latency" associated with online video, students can never actually play music with their instructors. This is one of the most important aspects of any music lesson online or not. Without it, lessons just don't stand a chance.


2) Video "swap" DOES work. By far, online programs where instructors and students send each other video "messages" work the best.  Students and Instructors can send their videos to one another any time they want 24/7 making this method much more convenient. Students can also re-watch and play along with their instructor's videos endlessly at home.


3) Instruction needs to be PERSONAL. Many sites spend truck loads of money producing "stock" instruction videos. While these can sometimes be a helpful resource for students, the majority of your instruction still needs to be personal.


Your skills, and your problems, are unique.  That's why every video you receive from our teachers is original and intended just for you. Music is personal.  Music instruction MUST be personal too.


1) We use SKYPE software to send video "messages" between students and teachers.

2) You can RE-WATCH and PLAY ALONG with your instructor's videos at home as often as you want.

3) Send videos to your instructor any time from any place. No more rescheduling. No more missed appointments.

3) All of our videos are made from scratch. NO SCRIPTED ANSWERS. NO STOCK VIDEOS.

4) Our online teachers are the same teachers working in person at our Orange County studios.

Online Lessons: $90/mo.

The right format at the right price...


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